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  • Barack Obama wins the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. primaries, taking his tally of primary/caucus victories since Saturday to 8 without reply (the others were Nebraska, Louisiana, Georgia, Maine, US Virgin Islands). Obama now has a clear, but not insurmountable lead delegate lead over Hillary Clinton. Going into the vital contests in Texas/Ohio on March 4th, he is, by most standards, the new front-runner for the Democratic Party’s nomination.
  • Evidently not seeing Clinton as much of a challenge anymore, he’s switched his focus to Sen. John McCain, who solidified the GOP nomination last night. Key line:

    “John McCain is an American hero. We honour his service to our nation… But his priorities don’t address the real problems of the American people, because they are bound to the failed policies of the past.”

  • James Fallows: Hillary’s response to Obama’s win? The sound of crickets chirping. A graceless, classless campaign in denial.
  • The Atlantic has a piece on recent personnel changes in the Clinton camp, particularly the resignation of chief confidante Patti Solis Doyle. It argues that whilst many mistakes were made as the campaign got more frantic, there was an arrogance at the heart of Solis Doyle & Clinton’s strategy was one of their ultimate misjudgements:

I’ve always felt that the most revealing thing about Solis Doyle is her oft-repeated line: “When I’m speaking, Hillary is speaking.” It is revealing both because it is true and because it conveys—and even flaunts—an arrogance that I think is the key to understanding all that has gone wrong for the Clinton campaign.

Such arrogance led directly to the idea that Clinton could simply project an air of inevitability and be assured her party’s nomination. If she wins—as she very well might—it will be in spite of her original approach. As one former Clinton staffer put it to me last spring: “There was an assumption that if you were a major donor and wanted to be an ambassador, go to state dinners with the queen—unless you were an outright fool, you were going to go with Hillary, whether you liked her or not. The attitude was ‘Where else are they going to go?’”

Well, we now know where they went…

  • Either out of timidity, political opportunism or plain, unpresidential indecision, failed candidate John Edwards has held off endorsing either contender. But, with most of his high-profile backers now rushing to support Obama (not to mention a significant proportion of voters), he may have missed his opportunity to be Democrats’ king-maker, prompting The New Republic to ask ‘Does anyone care about John Edwards now?’

And finally: 

  • Via Feministing, Time magazine proves conclusively why my failure to grow anything other than a pathetic comedy beard means I’ll never be a real man. Exhibit A: Johnny Depp’s “quietly defiant display of masculinity” which “may have been part of a backlash against feminism”. By this fools-proof logic, I’m as feminist as they come. Cool.
  • Via Talking Points Memo, CNN briefly forgets the definition of ‘breaking news’, has no idea that a failed Presidential candidate just endorsed John McCain. Don’t know what this episode reveals more about: the quality of CNN’s news-gathering, or the impact Fred ‘Like Reagan With Narcolepsy’ Thompson made on the American people.

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