Late night recovery session #2: Supermarket edition

February 13, 2008 at 9:37 pm | Posted in Distractions | Leave a comment

You know the country’s nose-diving into hell when your local supermarket starts installing self-service checkouts.

Not content with pricing the small, independent grocers, butchers, pharmacies and newsagents into oblivion so we’ve no other option but to buy everything vacuum-packed, battery-farmed and doused with chemicals from their kingdoms of concrete and cardboard – they would now much rather we process, pack and purchase everything for ourselves. That way there’s less need for staff who can’t work free of charge for 12 hours a day. Who sometimes get ill. Who sometimes have to stay at home because their kids are ill. Who sometimes can’t cover for someone else who’s ill because they’ve got plans. Who sometimes need holidays. Who are a drain on pre-tax profits.

I’ve always said that a decent indicator of a person’s manners, decency and character is how well they interact with shop assistants and check-out girls, Big Issue sellers and bus drivers. At the current rate, there’ll be none of these people left. And we wonder why politeness is a vanishing art.

With that rant ended, the only possible choice for tonight’s recovery session is this:

I think most people have been in the situation of the kid in this video. Hell, there are times I still feel like that…

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