A sterile argument

February 15, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in British Politics, Feminisms | Leave a comment
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Failed feminist Faye Wheldon uses the (ahem) pro-woman pulpit of the Daily Mail to demand the sterilisation of all girls from 12-17. The best that can be said about this belch of Big Brother piety is that teenage girls are indeed having lots of babies, but so many of the claims in this piece are the laziest kind of generalisations about teenage girls; their motives, morality and intellect. “A child has actually become a kind of perverse badge of honour,” she wails without one shred of evidence, before reminiscing about how much better it was when out-of-wedlock pregnacies were a great taboo. Yes, longer-term contraceptives are very effective and the government would do well to offer them in schools alongside better sex education and the morning after pill, but forced sterilisation, even for girls over the age of consent and legally allowed to have a baby at any goddam time they choose? Aside from the near-certainty that boys would think they don’t need to bother with condoms anymore (undermining all the work done to promote sexual health and risking even higher levels of STDs), what this batshit proposal would amount to is a very simple message: girls, your vagina is a drain on the state, and we don’t trust you to look after it. Very ’empowering’, Faye. Well done.


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