Politicians in diplomacy shock!

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Down to the bomb shelters, people! Defeat is nigh! Melanie Phillips, that stoic bulwark against militant Islam, wants to know why representatives of Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton were recently spotted having talks with Syrian officials:

What in the world were they doing, in the middle of an American presidential campaign, in a place listed by the US State Department as a terrorist-sponsoring state?

The innocent explanation could be that they were buying rugs, and even that should be condemned as an act of treachery by tacitly funding their despotic death squads. Sadly, I think we all know this isn’t what they were up to, and that the meetings were arranged to seek the surrender of Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel to the malevolent genius of this guy. Hell, given the competitive nature of their campaigns, what’s to say they didn’t try to outbid each other by throwing in a few dozen missiles and the odd aircraft carrier? More Mel:

It would be nice if the rest of the US media could tear itself away from the spectacle of Hillary v Princess Obama and start asking such questions too.

‘Princess Obama’. How very grown up of her. Secretly, Melanie knows that all presidential candidates send representatives to meet with foreign officials, if only to enlighten them about their foreign policy vision. The fact that Clinton & Obama’s people even went so far as Syria should be a heartening sign to those of us without bomb shelters that they’re a little more inclined towards diplomacy than they are decimating Damascus.

As for the idea that the press is too obsessed with the beauty pageant of their campaigns to ask questions about these shady manoeuvrings, well that’s only true if you haven’t been paying attention. Obama has openly stated that he’d hold talks with hostile foreign powers, and he’s been forced to defend his position both in debates and on the stump.

Sure, this will only serve to heighten Phillips’ “our civilisation is on the brink of extinction” anxiety, but what’s the point in buying gas masks if you’re not prepared to use ’em?


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