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  • What’s the reason for class tensions in this country? Is it our mixed success in tackling child poverty? The growing gap between rich & poor? Or is it because there just aren’t enough fucking grammar schools? According to the Daily Mail, middle class kids are ‘snubbing’ their ‘chavvy’ (ie working class) classmates and contributing to rising class tensions. Apparently “some parents from comfortable homes” (which I assume means ‘muesli-munching, head-in-the-clouds Guardianistas’) have the nerve of sending their little Mikes & Mollys to schools with:

“poor academic records so their children can experience social diversity…But despite entering into a “social mix”, there was less evidence of “social mixing”, the academics said. Attitudes among both parents and children in the study smacked of “cultural and intellectual superiority” that undermined attempts to build community relations.”

  • So as to underline the chasm between rich and poor, the class divide in pictures: One well-groomed middle-class achiever and one cheap chavvy slut.
  • As an aside, just look at the the hysterically over-blown way Mail have dressed this girl – probably too risque even for a nightclub’s Back To School night. This is really the same newspaper that lectures us about paedophillia and the sexualisation of children?
  • Andrew Brown defends the existence of the Church of England on the basis that it could help dampen conflicts & division. He also raises one of the points I made in an earlier post:

If, say, the Economist got its way and the Church of England were disestablished, and replaced by the American model of a confusion of sects all competing for votes, what could stop them responding to the popular demand for a condemnation of Islam? What could give them anything of the Church of England’s woolly, incoherent but essential belief that it has a duty to everyone in this country, no matter what their beliefs are. Can any sane person want a hundred English Paisleys competing against each other for the nationalist Christian congregations, and their money, and at last their votes? Because that is the spectre that rose from the debacle caused by Williams’ speech and interview.

  • After 10 straight wins in the Democratic Primaries, it’s becoming clear that you just Can’t Stop The ‘rack. Thankfully, for all the hope-haters out there, you can still Mock The ‘rack. Hillary shill Taylor Marsh posts a video of an ill-informed Obama fan being unable to cite any of the Senator’s legislative accomplishments: “his supporters can’t list one
  • Psst, Taylor? Much as you’d love to paint them all (from the online ‘Obamabots’ to Ted Kennedy & Pat Leahy) as unthinking changebots, if it’s just one guy being interviewed, it’s got to be ‘a supporter’, not ‘his supporters’. David Kurtz reads more into it than you would’ve thought possible:

“I suspect this is a bit of a Rorschach test. Depending on your perspective, it’s proof that Obama is a lightweight, just goes to show what a gasbag Matthews is, or appeals to the same voyeuristic instinct that makes you slow down and gawk at a car accident.”

  • Sully stand-in hilzoy rebuts:

I think it’s only a Rorschach test for people who don’t bother to find whether or not Obama actually has any actual legislative achievements. If he does, then of course this just shows that this one supporter didn’t know what they are. If he doesn’t, it might show something more, e.g. that Obama is a lightweight. As it happens, Obama does have substantive legislative achievements.

  • He’s already written about them at length, but kindly recaps for the more lazy among us.
  • Cameron Duodo writes about the potential of an Obama presidency to inspire not just America in general, but African Americans and Britons in particular, who had always (sometimes rightly) imagined a glass ceiling over their heads.
  • Gerard Baker expects the Clintons to go relentlessly negative in the run-up to the Texas & Ohio primaries on March 4th. Only thing that surprises me about this: I thought the Clintons went relentlessly negative over a month ago – how much lower can they sink?

 And finally…

  • “The kind of song The Shins might play if they had a sea of cherry tulips through which to tiptoe“:

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