The Encyclopedia Of Decency

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A delightfully mischievous discovery. Quite similar to Stuff White People Like, but seeking to satirise ‘Muscular Liberalism’, its proponents, terms and subjects:


Rhetorical Ploy

Wehll Funn-Ded

Hilarious euphemism for Jewish, used to imply that one’s opponent is a closet Nazi who believes that the world is controlled by seven-foot tall Zionist lizardmen.

Particularly useful when pretending not to understand the difference between the concept of an American Israel lobby comprising right-wing cranks, Republicans and religious fundamentalists, and the idea of an omnipotent Zionist Shadow-Government of megalomaniacal, telepathic reptilian space-monsters.

Update: Since it’s already been mentioned, I’d feel guilty not to link to another post. This week, Musical Comedy:

It’s a pretty good idea because when you have jokes that aren’t that great and music that isn’t that great, you can mix them together and create something that will entertain white people.

So how you can use this knowledge to your advantage?

If you find yourself at a corporate retreat where you have to put on a skit for the other employees in your office, it’s always a good idea to suggest doing a funny song. The rest of your group will get very excited and start work immediately on some clever lyrics. Do not worry about the music part, if you have more than two white males on your team, it is certain that one of them can play the guitar.

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