The love songs of old men

March 5, 2008 at 9:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Via Harry’s Place, who’ve been following his alleged improprieties for quite a while, Lee Jasper, a senior aide to Ken Livingstone, has resigned:

In a letter to the mayor, Mr Jasper said: “It has become clear that a number of matters which are not of first importance in London are being used to distract from the crucial questions in the election campaign.

“The racist nature of a relentless media campaign and the consequent effects on myself and family have placed an intolerable strain on all of us.

“I have decided to put a stop to this by tendering my resignation.”

How noble. I’m afraid I don’t care enough about London or its politicians to bother being well-versed in the many allegations made against Jasper’s conduct. But this Telegraph report about the ‘intimate emails’ the father-of-nine (!) allegedly sent to a woman who runs projects funded by Mayoral grants just cracked me up:

In the emails, sent in June 2006, Mr Jasper calls Ms Chouhan “sexy” and professes love for her.

In one email, he wrote: “How many ways do I love thee? As the air I breathe and first gentle dew on a golden summer morn.

“As much as the Brazil national football team or aki and saltfish. I love thee feet, ankles, legs, thighs, bum and belly, arms, head and brain.”

My love for thee is as deep as my love for Ronaldinho?! The guy’s been accused of financial impropriety; plagiarising a poem would’ve killed him?

Perhaps romance isn’t dead, but you might not easily recognise it…


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