More on Obama’s black luck

March 11, 2008 at 12:47 pm | Posted in Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Primary | 1 Comment

Since the Clintons have been successfully brandishing a rather low brand of of divisive, victimised identity politics for the best part of two decades, there’s little surprise that one of her supporters has internalised Hillary’s supposed victim status to such an extent that she suggests Obama is winning the Democratic Primaries because he’s black.

Whilst we can probably accept that Ferraro’s comment is merely a supersized serving of idiocy rather than one intended to have racist undertones, there is a great difference between the intent of the comments and how they could be received, as DHinMI explains:

One can laugh at the ridiculousness of the statement, or ridicule the idea that African-Americans somehow have it easier in America than white men or women. But to do so misses how Ferraro’s statement will be heard by too many Americans.

The fact is, there are a lot of White people in American who believe they’re at a disadvantage, that Blacks get things handed to them. The idea may be foreign to some people, but I’ve heard it my entire life. I’ve heard it at family gatherings, in my neighborhood when I was a kid, from family friends and all kinds of other folks. It’s not a fringe belief. It’s at the heart of the belief system of the so-called Reagan Democrats—swing voters and even some Democrats who were cradle Democrats but defected to Reagan and have been up for grabs in most elections since 1992.

Some of these Reagan Democrats will hear Ferraro’s comment, and they’ll think about the job they didn’t get because, they believe, it went to an affirmative action hire. They’ll think about the guy promoted over them because, they believe, he’s black. And they’ll think “here we go again.”

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