A stay of execution

March 13, 2008 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Asylum, British Politics, Gay Rights, New Labour | 3 Comments
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Quite literally. That’s all it amounts to for the moment, but at least there’s hope. From the BBC:

The home secretary is to review the case of Iranian homosexual teenager Mehdi Kazemi, who has said he will be executed if forced to return to Iran. The UK rejected his first asylum plea, but Jacqui Smith has now granted him a temporary reprieve from deportation while she reconsiders his case.


Ms Smith said: “Following representations made on behalf of Mehdi Kazemi, and in the light of new circumstances since the original decision was made, I have decided that Mr Kazemi’s case should be reconsidered on his return to the UK from the Netherlands.”

On inheritance tax, on non-domiciles, on welfare, this is a government that’s been shown to buckle under pressure and remake itself in the image of those doing the pressurising. So let’s keep that pressure up. On an earlier post, I linked to Paul Canning’s guidance for how you should make your voice heard. Since Mr Kazemi’s asylum status is still far from guaranteed, keeping his case in the minds of ministers is still a great imperative.

The reason given by the Home Office when they refused Kazemi’s first asylum plea was that so long as you’re discreet about your homosexuality, you won’t be executed. I’ll leave this subject with the words from the unofficial Save Mahdi Kazemi website:

“To say that homosexuals are safe as long as they are discreet and live their lives in private, is to say that Ann Frank was safe from the Nazis in WWII as long as she hid in her attic.”



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  1. Mehdi is not completely safe yet and he needs all the support he can get!

    Please visit http://www.madhikazemi.com/ and
    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/UKMADHI/signatures.html as well.

    Thnx in advance,

    Jet, http://www.vrede.hotforum.nl

  2. […] discovered more horror stories whilst researching the case of gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi. These are from international human rights organisation the EveryOne Group: In September 2003, […]

  3. […] when the government was still intent on tossing a gay teenager back to Iran with instructions to ‘be discreet’, the human rights group EveryOne stated that the United Kingdom was a ‘danger for all […]

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