Health inequality ‘worse under Labour’

March 13, 2008 at 4:04 pm | Posted in British Politics, New Labour | 2 Comments
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Words fail me. The Guardian:

Health inequality as measured by life expectancy and infant mortality has got worse since Labour came to power, a government report said today.

Babies born to poor families now have a 17% higher than average chance of dying, compared to a 13% higher than average chance 10 years ago.

And the life expectancy of people living in poverty has fallen further behind the average, particularly for women, than it was around the time of Tony Blair’s election.

In absolute terms health is getting better. Life expectancy for all social groups is going up, and infant mortality figures are going down.

But, according to a report published by the Department of Health called Tackling Health Inequalities, the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened over the last decade.

D’you think the reason John Hutton demanded we celebrate the obsessive accumulation of wealth was because that’s one of the only New Labour success stories he could think of?



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  1. Interesting article and great site.
    Something to think over – as in the long run it may help improve your health.
    Well I could certainly use it with my current flu symptoms.

  2. […] other studies showing an increase in poverty amongst both children and pensioners, greater health inequality and declining social mobility. We should also remember that Britain remains one of the most unequal […]

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