Online quizzes for Livingstone!

April 6, 2008 at 8:10 pm | Posted in British Politics | Leave a comment
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Aside from an earlier musing on the BNP’s second-choice endorsement of Boris Johnson, the reason I haven’t posted anything more substantial on London’s mayoral elections is that I don’t much care for this overpriced, overcrowded and overindulged tax haven for Russian oligarchs. The proof of how little I care is that whilst I’d actively campaign against Boris Johnson in just about any other election, there’s a perverse thrill to be had watching the catastrophic consequences of electing someone on the basis that they’re entertaining on Have I Got News For You.

Still, for the 12 of you who both care about the London elections and still don’t know who to vote for, there’s a new site that helps you find the candidate who best shares your beliefs. I found myself matched with loverboy Livingstone, with the Greens’ Sian Berry coming a strong second. But who knows, maybe if I was well-versed in such weighty concerns as the carnage caused by bendy buses, I might’ve ended up with clownface Boris.

(Hat Tip)

Update: You should all think of yourselves as fortunate that I didn’t use the opportunity to link to a Catatonia song. I’m not above that kind of cruelty, y’know…


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