Karen Matthews arrested (UPDATED)

April 7, 2008 at 5:54 am | Posted in Working Class Britain | 4 Comments
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A few days after Shannon Matthews was found alive, hidden in the base of a divan bed in the home of her step-father’s uncle, this blog started receiving traffic from people searching for ‘Shannon Matthews conspiracy’ and ‘Shannon Matthews fake kidnap’. At the time I just dismissed it as a half-baked conspiracy theory based on little more than coincidence & a distrust of the poor. That position became a little harder to hold once the girl’s step-father was arrested on suspicion of viewing child pornography, harder still when two of his relatives were arrested, and now there are unconfirmed reports that Shannon’s own mother has been arrested. Could this be the first recorded instance of a conspiracy theory coming true? Watch this space.

Update: It’s been confirmed. This story couldn’t get more bizarre. From the BBC:

The mother of Shannon Matthews has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Karen Matthews, aged 32, was arrested in Dewsbury late last night.


West Yorkshire Police said they did not expect to release any further details concerning the arrest of the 32-year-old woman until midday on Monday at the earliest.



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  1. Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting

  2. Mrs. Curly had a rather intuitive view that this was a “family related” matter when the story first broke.

  3. Anybody knows what’s going on in this case nowadays? It seems to have disappeared from media view completely.

  4. I think they’re just awaiting trial at the moment, and since the media hasn’t been able to dig up any more dirt since, they’ve just gone back down to London and forgotten the place ever existed.

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