Ken Livingstone scares small children

April 7, 2008 at 7:59 pm | Posted in British Politics | 2 Comments
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The embattled London Mayor, fighting to save his job and talking to a group of schoolchildren:

The mayor, “a sixty-year-old smiling public man” (as WB Yeats described himself in his poem “Among School Children”) in a charcoal grey suit and undone tie, is relaxed. “You ever been to Spain?” he asks them. “How was it? Hot?” The children nod eagerly. “Well, by the time your children leave school,” he tells them, “London will be as hot as that. So we’ll have to plant new trees to make shade, or people will die.”

Not exactly ‘Yes We Can‘, is it?

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  1. Ken has never been Mr. Sensitive has he? His supporters are are alleged to be terrifying old people by saying Boris is going to raise bus fares and get rid of the freedom pass.

    Oh yes, when Ken wants to get somewhere, he doesn’t worry who he has to trample on to get there, and his desire to hang on to power at any cost is as unappealing as Hillary Clinton’s.

    Mothers’ fears for their kids’ safety take second place for Ken to green issues. I am sorry I totally don’t agree with this. Green issues are terribly important and we do absolutely everything we can to comply with advice, but the safety of old people and our kids is the main priority.

    I am much more reassured by Boris Johnson, he is a father of four, he is intelligent and he is by far a more reassuring character.

  2. A thoughtful post, and your comparison of Ken with Clinton only made me cringe because there’s an element of truth to it.

    I disagree with the Tories on most things and hence wouldn’t end up voting for Johnson, but I do see your point that Livingstone has a tendency to use language designed to please those who agree with him, annoy those who disagree and not persuade the bulk of people who are undecided. Being able to persuade the greatest number of people is how you get elected, and if he doesn’t do that, the fault is entirely his

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