No one gives a Hooters

April 11, 2008 at 10:33 am | Posted in Feminisms, Sheffield | 1 Comment
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Leopold Square in Sheffield. Photo by Sheffdave (Creative Commons)

Leopold Square is a brand-spanking-new business development in the heart of Sheffield  city centre. Architecturally, at least, it’s one of the finest developments in the city, incorporating tasteful modern designs alongside refurbished industrial-era buildings that had seen better days. Up until now, the square was filled with upmarket bars and restaurants for the city’s wealthier clientelle, but it seems you can’t keep an area looking pretty for very long before some bad-intentioned neighbour arrives and makes the place look a tip. Of whom do I refer? The U.S. premier flesh-market franchise, Hooters. What’s more, they’re coming to a town near you. Today’s Guardian gives us the low-down:

On a cold night in Nottingham, I am dining with a companion in a converted warehouse, its walls covered in laminated photographs of large-breasted women. We are greeted by a friendly waitress who tugs uncomfortably at her hotpants as she serves us, handing over a menu featuring a picture of a grinning blonde woman next to a description of the Key Lime Pie. Plasma TVs show clips of testosterone-driven sports – wrestling, basketball and darts – and in the open-plan kitchen, a sticker above the deep-fat fryer offers the motto “No fat chicks”.


If all goes according to plan, there will be a Hooters restaurant in a further 36 locations around the UK by 2012.

Oh goody!

There’s a petition and a Facebook group for those who’d like to protest the arrival of this sleazezone. I know there’s some ambivelance amongst both men and women about Hooters. After all, if women apply to work there, they should know what they’re getting into, right? Well, there’s a good summary of the arguments against at The F-Word, but if that still doesn’t convince, surely we can all agree that a place that serves food like this:

Hooters food. Photo by Thornmonkey (Creative Commons)

Isn’t really deserving of prime location in our city’s classiest new development. Or will we be too busy staring at breasts to notice the mess they’ve made?

Photos: Top by Flickr user sheffdave, Bottom by thornmonkey (both Creative Commons)


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  1. Hooters coming to Sheffield?! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! When?????????

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