Dogs and donkeys…

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…All have more protection from abuse than women. File this one under ‘Oh good grief‘:

The British public gives more to a Devon-based donkey sanctuary than the most prominent charities trying to combat violence and abuse against women, a report released today by a leading philanthropy watchdog reveals.

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has calculated that more than 7 million women have been affected by domestic violence but found that Refuge, the Women’s Aid Federation and Eaves Housing for Women have a combined annual income of just £17m. By contrast the Donkey Sanctuary, which has looked after 12,000 donkeys, received £20m in 2006.

Of course, no one would begrudge donkeys their £20m annual care package; when you’ve spent your working life hauling fidgety kids up and down Britain’s beaches for no other reward than some heavy-handed petting, you deserve a decent retirement home.

But seriously, £17m in funds when 7 million women are affected by domestic violence? Unless my maths hasn’t improved much since GCSE, that works out as something like £2.50 per victim – barely enough to buy her a bus ticket.

Given the scale of the problem (the same report states that every year 1.5 million women experience domestic abuse at least once, 800,000 are sexually assaulted and 100,000 raped) you would’ve thought the charities who campaign against violence and provide refuge to its victims might be a little closer to more fashionable charities raising money for cancer research, animal welfare, child protection etc. The size of the funding deficit is quite extraordinary.

Think that revelation was bad enough? Well, then there’s this:

 “A third of men think that domestic violence is acceptable if their partner has been nagging them.”

And this:

Today’s report references an ICM poll which found that more people would call the police if someone was mistreating their dog than if someone was mistreating their partner.

Maybe we could bring Rolf Harris out of retirement…

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