Late Night Recovery #11: insubstantial edition

April 28, 2008 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Late Night Recovery | 1 Comment

Yeah, I was going to post something more substantial today – one of those epic, self-indulgent rants that groans under the weight of its own internal logic and has the writer dancing around his room like an undefeated champion, proclaiming “No one will ever pick apart this ingeniously-constructed argument. I am the Greatest Political Commentator IN THE WORLD!!” (Sadly, I am only half-joking)

Luckily for you lot, life got in the way. By the time dinner’s done with, the Google Reader’s been emptied and I’ve made time for a phone call from a friend, somehow enough hours have passed to make sleep an imperative.

This song has little to do with sleep, or being the Greatest Political Commentator In The World. But I guess it has plenty to do with life.


PS: Since you all deserve some forewarning, the more substantial post will appear sometime tomorrow. It’s big. You might want to go to the picures, or something.

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  1. axVaQT hi! how you doin?

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