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Even for this old, embittered indie snob, the leaked Glastonbury line-up is far better than I’d imagined. Sure, there’s still much soul-numbing tedium to stand through (James Blunt, KT Tunstall, Shakin’ Stevens, The Verve), and NME-endorsed mediocrity (The Enemy, Editors, The Gossip) to endure, but there’ll be plenty of exciting artists who’re well worth standing in a field for (The Hold Steady, Vampire Weekend, The National, Jay-Z, Band of Horses, Stars).

Do I regret not getting a ticket now? No, I’ll regret it if I’m stuck in Sheffield with nothing to do whilst Vampire Weekend rattle-off their album to a blissful, sun-kissed field of revellers:

Vampire Weekend

Photo by Flickr user Gilberts (Creative Commons)

Update: The line-up is ‘wrong’ apparently, which serves the Times right for assuming the NME includes any proper journalists

Update #2: The official line-up. Promise.



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  1. i love la blogotheque.
    you know its not sold out yet right?

  2. did you say ‘stars’ or ‘the stars’?? i sincerely hope it was the former

  3. I’m almost certain it’s the former and someone’s just made the same mistake you make when you write about ‘The Editors’. Is there even a band called “The Stars”? And a band who make the type of music that’d end up on the John Peel stage?

    Tell you what, if I’m wrong, I’ll let you throw mud at me…

  4. well there’s these guys, ‘the stars’, who prove to be almost ungoogleable japanese psychedelica:

    and ‘stars’ don’t mention any uk dates anywhere i can see…
    now where did i put that mud…?

  5. I’m thwarted, it seems: ungoogleable japanese psychedelica certainly sounds more fitting for the John Peel Stage.

    I just knew your repeated requests for me to enable comments on this blog was motivated purely by a desire to keep proving me wrong ;-)

  6. hell yeah. and whats your avatar meant to be anyway? a watermelon? a cadburys cream egg?

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