‘I’ll vote for the candidate who helps me get over my image problem’

May 6, 2008 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Primary | Leave a comment
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I remember being happy when the Arctic Monkeys made it big, if only because it meant girls might be more susceptible to my northern charms. Using the same logic, Daniel Nasaw argues for an Obama presidency on the basis that his skinniness might work in his favour the next time he’s flirting with someone on Facebook:

Full disclosure: I too am a skinny man. At 5-foot, 10 inches tall, I weigh in at 155 pounds, in a sopping-wet woollen suit, after downing a porterhouse. I’m drawn to yoga, not weight training. In high school I was an orchestra geek, not a ballplayer. If Obama is elected president, the politically minded young women of Washington will spend the next four years focused on a sex symbol with my build. Lots of them live here: census data show that in the 22-to-34 age range, women outnumber men by about 11,000, or 54% to 46%.

There you go, now there no reason to support Clinton! Vote for Obama and the scrawny boy-geek with the ‘Yes We Can’ badge gets laid! Now that’s Change We Can Believe In!

There are still 6 months ’til the end of these elections. Right now, that seems like a lifetime away…

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