Late Night Recovery #12: Tap-dancing Edition

May 6, 2008 at 9:52 pm | Posted in Late Night Recovery | Leave a comment
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Whilst I’ve read the current debate about the implications of last week’s Tory rout with interest, I’ve also done so with the kind of detachment that makes me wonder whether it’s really a good idea to contribute. There’s a few reasons for this: a desire to avoid making knee-jerk reactions that I’ll come to regret, the fact that New Labour is my only experience of living in a country run by a centre-left government, a nagging suspicion that all talk of ‘returning to socialism’ is no substitute for overhauling the language we use to describe our beliefs, and the reminder Bob Piper offered of the stark differences between the parties as he described the Tory candidate he ran against:

He was opposed to all of the extra expenditure on Health and Education, he wants to send immigrants and asylum seekers back to from where they came, he doesn’t believe in social housing, or safety nets for the poorest in our communities. He thinks the minimum wage, employment rights for workers, four weeks paid holiday, health and safety regulations and increased parental rights are nothing more than burdens on business.

Insisting the differences are small & inconsiderable is a pretty criminal delusion. Anyway, maybe a good night’s rest will help clarify things, but in the mean time, re-reading this earlier post on whether Britain can borrow ideas from the ‘people-powered politics‘ of the American left reminded me that the internet’s also a fine source of people-powered pop videos. Here’s Tilly & The Wall – the only band in America that uses tap-dancing as percussion (seriously) – as mimed by their slightly obsessive fanbase. Just ignore the obnoxious ‘dude’ at the beginning and it’s a pretty fun watch.

By the way if you’re starting to deduce from the music posted here that The Bleeding Heart Show is nothing but a front for a fey titan of twee, you wouldn’t be far wong.

Tilly & The Wall


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