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  • Maybe I just suffer from an excess of cynicism, but what made James Purnell’s insistence that Labour can still win the general election even more reassuring was that he didn’t then put on a sinister, Dr Evil-style voice and add “…but first, we shall have to BURN all who claim benefits! Muhahaha!” Polly Toynbee:

From this ultra Blairite, it’s a sign of Labour’s tide turning. Gone is the harsh rhetoric slamming the idle: instead Purnell offers good policies on helping people in work, raising spirits about the good done by the state at its best. Purnell is astute: he sees the only way Labour politics can go. It may not win – but at least it offers the chance of a fight back.

  • Don’t get your hopes up too much though – Polly also writes that unless Labour enacts more aggressively progressive policies, the party’s doomed. So basically…the party’s doomed.
  • Shorter Gemma Garrett, figurehead of the newly-formed Beauties For Britain party: if Gwyneth Dunwoody hadn’t been so ugly, maybe people wouldn’t be so poor.
  • Pretty inevitable that a list of Britain’s top 10 worst football managers would place Graeme Souness at the top:

He spent nearly £50m on a relegation battle at Newcastle, and told Deco he wasn’t going to cut it at Benfica – replacing him with Sheffield Wednesday’s Mark Pembridge

  • And yet he still bizarrely thinks he can manage a football club. Can’t anyone put him out of his misery?
  • Failed Presidential candidate John Kerry is engulfed in a damaging pro-cleavage controversy.
  • Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama’s record on guns…. in a mailing that features an obscure German rifle that’s no longer manufactured:

“It’s a $2,200 German import — it’s hardly typical of what the average workingman in Indiana uses,” he said.

  • Well, it’s certainly a novel way of standing up to the ‘elites’

And finally…

  • When a Barnsley bakery wins a contract to supply baguettes to the entire French rail network, you know it won’t be long before the ‘entente cordiale’ is consigned to the dustbin of history…

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