100mph hypocrites

June 5, 2008 at 10:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Tanya Gold on the screeching hypocrites calling for Max Mosley to quit his job with the FIA, presumably to spend more time with prostitutes dressed as Nazis his family:

Who is leading the charge of shame? BMW are particularly distressed by Mosley’s behaviour. Would that be the same BMW whose major shareholders – the Quandt family – allegedly made their fortune using Jewish slave labour in the war? And there is Mercedes-Benz; they too are squeaking for the crucifixion of Mosley. Is that the same Mercedes-Benz that produced engines for the Wehrmacht and happily made the Führer’s cars? And now they slag off Mosley for a sex game – well, that’s too little, too late. Et tu, overpriced saloon car.

If Mosley played these games, is he trying to lay the ghost of his father to rest by laying these women? I don’t know why he did it, and I don’t really want to know; what happens in the privacy of his dungeon is private. But I do know this – if Adolf Hitler had just been confined to a locked room, and been spanked, the world would be a better place.

Well indeed, but for the sake of the kids, can we please refrain from giving people the mental image of a feeble, mustachioed megalomaniac performing S&M?! It’s bad thinking about your parents having sex, let-alone long-dead despots.

I should state, by the way, that my agreement with Ms Gold is in no way coloured by the veiled threat she makes earlier in the piece:

The Caravan Club was hurt, and Mercedes-Benz, BMW and the German motoring federation ADAC were weeping at his depravity. The latter even twittered about trying to ban him from their grand prix – is that really a punishment? And why? “He was making fun of the Holocaust! This is bad! This is evil! This is Nazism!” No. It is not Nazism. And I will personally incarcerate in a dungeon and spank anyone who dares to say it is.

Thanks Tanya, but I’m really not that kind of guy…


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