Boris: Unready on day one

June 5, 2008 at 1:04 pm | Posted in British Politics, Conservative Party | Leave a comment
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by Flickr user roystonford (Creative Commons)

So, you remember when the left’s Guardians of Moral Purity declared Ken Livingstone unfit for office; citing, among other things, his lack of openness and accountability, his lavishing money on unelected hacks and basically running City Hall as his own personal fiefdom? Well, they might have got their wish, but it turns out the man replacing him has decided he’d quite like a bit of that. Via LC, The Tory Troll uncovers the £465,000 Mayor Johnson has spent on a ‘transition team’ of spinners and Team Boris toadies.

Now, we could point out the flagrant hypocrisy of Team Boris mimicking Ken at his worst – the cash wasted on cronies, the lack of openness – but The Bleeding Heart Show abhors the use of clichés. Instead, we’ll just point out that it doesn’t reflect well on a man who tried to portray himself as the epitome of competence to spend half a million pounds of taxpayers money in the hope that someone might teach him how to do the job he applied for. Would quite as many Londoners have put a cross by Boris’ name if they’d known, to invert a well-worn slogan, that he was ‘unready to lead on day one’? I’m not so sure.

Photo by Flickr user Roystonford (Creative Commons)


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