Hamas: Obama is just like all the other infidels

June 5, 2008 at 10:08 am | Posted in Barack Obama | Leave a comment
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If you haven’t heard by now that the next President of the United States will be a coke-snortin’, jew-hatin’ Islamoid who despises American traditions and intends to swear the oath of office on the Koran/Hustler, then you’ve clearly been hypnotised by the Big Media Lie Machine.

Just two short months ago, crazed Islamomurderers Hamas endorsed Barack HUSSEIN Obama as their candidate for Destroyer of Civilisation, knowing that his messages of ‘change’ and ‘hope’ were actually code for rising the price of oil to $3,000 a barrel and passing laws that allow gay Iranians to fornicate on street corners.

But it seems these crazy keffiyehs are so stupid they’ll even turn on one of their own! Whilst no true freedom-lover is fooled by Hussein’s insipid sloganeering, it seems these devilish despots are disillusioned by his promise not to kill any Christians:

“Obama’s comments have confirmed that there will be no change in the U.S. administration’s foreign policy on the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri told Reuters in Gaza.

“The Democratic and Republican parties support totally the Israeli occupation at the expense of the interests and rights of Arabs and Palestinians,” he said.

“Hamas does not differentiate between the two presidential candidates, Obama and Mccain, because their policies regarding the Arab-Israel conflict are the same and are hostile to us, therefore we do have no preference and are not wishing for either of them to win,” Zuhri said.

Whoop with delight, McCain supporters! The ‘inspiring one’ is already losing his electoral base! Victory is nigh!


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