Protecting the country or protecting his job?

June 9, 2008 at 3:03 pm | Posted in British Politics, Gordon Brown, New Labour | Leave a comment
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Loathe as I am to praise the words of a Tory politician, this one does have the benefit of being right. Passed on without further comment, a powerful, scathing attack on Brown’s fetish for 42 days and a damning indictment of his priorities as Prime Minister:

First of all, ask yourself this: why is this bill before parliament now at all? Fuel and food prices are rocketing upwards, inflation and interest rates are on the rise, growth has slowed and the economy is faltering in the face of huge budget and trade deficits. Public infrastructure in rural areas such as my own Herefordshire is in desperate need of renewal.

The country is crying out for effective leadership. And what do we get? The unheralded resuscitation of a politically dormant issue by the government on its own initiative, and at the request of neither the police nor MI5. The home secretary marshalling the whips to round up the usual suspects, rather than dealing with prison overcrowding and illegal immigration. The prime minister ignoring the issues of the day to work the phones in order to get this bill through the house. What an embarrassment – to themselves, to the offices they hold, and to us all.

Not a day longer


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