CAPS LOCK for Clinton!

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Now that the concession speeches have been made, the campaign obituaries have been printed, the lawn signs have been removed and her staff has started shopping around for new jobs, where to now for those hurt, angry and betrayed Clintonistas who yelped and wailed for Hillary to the bitter end and can’t bring themselves to side with the big-eared Islamist who performs terrorist fist-jabs in public?

Via Wonkette, such is the devotion of her supporters, they have conspired to build the Crappest Website Ever – an online abortion of clashing colours, cheap flashing gifs, spelling mistakes and a tourettes-like tendency to press Caps Lock. It’s on this online sanctuary – looking something like an amateur’s Warcraft Appreciation Page from 1998 – that Hillary supporters can gather for emotional support and to organise to defeat the brown-skinned bully who stole votes that were rightfully hers:

Take that, you filthy Muslims! Our use of flashing lettering, Obama ‘jokes’ and migrane-inducing colours will beat your cunning conspiracy back to the deserts of Arabialand! [note: you may have to avoid the online poll section which shows a majority of respondents would actually vote for Obama over McCain – there’s clearly been some kind of tampering].

The site was apparently started by a sole malcontent to rail against The Bosses who nominated Obama, but has now built into a well-oiled, 35,000 strong machine, as shown by some of the glowing testimonials from Real Life White Americans:

The ‘truth’ about Obama:

Thank you for making this web-sight. It is very well done, you must be some kind of computer genius. I would like to do one too but I just learned about the upper/lower case key.

Can you verify the following which I heard in the last day or two:

1. Obama is now wearing a Palestine Liberation flag on his lapel?
2. Obama gave a speech to a group called “AIPAC” last week, which I was told was the Al Queda Political Action Committee. He vowed to let Iran build a nuclear bomb and suggested that the Israelis could move to Florida?
3. What is this with he and his wife doing some kind of terrorist message – on stage here in America.
4. Please don’t let Obama go to Iraq I am afraid he will radio the enemy our positions or something.

Thank you for keeping people like me who try to stay up to day in the know.

Thelma in Dover.

A global conspiracy and an oedipus complex:

Is it a coincidence that the “world domination” Bilderberg meeting occurred the SAME WEEK Hillary left the race. Obviously the male dominated leaders of Europe – our new masters – have sent the orders out.

I also think they have done everything they can to make that menace Bill Clinton do things to harm his wonderful, loving wife.

Let us all be glad for what Hillary did for us. Like kittens who eternally look to their human masters as their mother, we can always look to Hillary as our mother AND MASTER!


And a Muslim plot to destroy the United States that can only be foiled by THE INDISCRIMINATE USE OF CAPS LOCK:

Thank you for providing this valuable site, a site which will help to do justice to Hillary, her own party campaigned against her. This sexist, corrupted, dishonest, unjust party STOLE HILLARY’S nomination and gave it to an inexperienced, questionable, inexperienced HUSSEIN OBAMA and his terrorist friends.

If they wanted to go by the rules they should have respected the first rule ‘THE PEOPLES SACRED VOTE’, respect the will of the people. HILLARY IS THE PEOPLES CHOICE, THE PEOPLES WILL!

Obama may be the nominee by FRAUD but he will never reach the White House neither will give a chance for muslim nations and antiamerians to celebrate. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

On this evidence, it seems that all professional web developers must support Obama. Prepare yourselves, people; when McCain wins the White House, all web sites will one day look like this.


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