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Courtesy of Bon Iver (via)

From La Blogotheque

We first suggested this idea just like we use to, hoping it will work, because we loved the artist. We just suggested that Bon Iver could play a private show, a Pocket party in an apartment. We didn’t really know if we should believe in it until May, when Nora and I met Justin for an interview in a small backyard. At the end of it, we mentioned what was on our mind and he immediately told us that this is what he kinda dreams of, that his album is meant to be played in front of small crowds, and he’s looking forward to it.


Time does fly : thirty people were already waiting in the courtyard when we went back from our little shoppinga. We couldn’t make them come up; we were not ready : Moon and Bon Iver were still shooting “For Emma” in Ethel’s bedroom. In the end, it’s the band who came to them… The three guys just popped without us expecting and started singing this newborn version of “Flume”. A divine surprise. The band was already gone in the streets but we were still flabbergasted. We had to make the audience come up, prepare the show. But this is another story… And other videos…

More audio/visual pleasantness after the jump…

Now buy his record, you damned freeloader!!


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