MacKenzie wusses out

June 16, 2008 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Idiot Hall of Fame | 5 Comments
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Guess we won’t have Kelvin MacKenzie to kick around for the next few weeks:

The Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie is now not expected to stand against David Davis in next month’s byelection over the issue of 42-day terror suspect detention, with News International executives understood to be wary of such a move.


In today’s Sun, the assistant editor, Trevor Kavanagh, moderated the paper’s criticism of Davis, the Conservative MP who has resigned in protest at the government’s proposed introduction of 42-day detention for terror suspects.

“David Davis is an ego-driven maverick,” said Kavanagh, the Sun’s former political editor, wrote on the paper’s op-ed pages. “But he has struck a nerve with voters of all parties who are fed up with acting as bit-part players in a real-life Big Brother.”

News International executives are understood to be wary of fielding a candidate against the Conservative party, which could interfere with the Sun’s policy to always back the winner of election campaigns.

Wow, Murdoch really does hate to back a loser, doesn’t he? So much for crusading on behalf of a noble cause…



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  1. Mackenzie is such an arsehole. Mind you part of me was going to enjoy seeing him trounced.

  2. Me too. I wonder if we could hold auditions to find someone just as horrid to stand in his place?!

  3. Ah, can’t have The Scum to be seen backing a loser can we?

    Will anyone be standing against Davis, aside from Beauties for Britain?

  4. Well, there’s the Monster Raving Loony, who is apparently a serious Loony rather than one of the funny ones, and some market stall trader who opposed the Iraq war but is crazy-in-love with 42 day detention. Alas, since he comes from Northampton, he probably doesn’t even have any family who’ll vote for him…

    I guess it still remains to be seen where Ms Garrett stands on 42 days, but (*starts clutching straws*) she’s claims to be pro-childcare, so that’s an encouraging start, right?!

  5. It’s best that McKenzie doesn’t get the public attention he so craves, the utter utter cunt. So this is oddly good news.

    Boycott the sun.

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