Melanie Phillips’ cloak of decency

June 16, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Idiot Hall of Fame | 1 Comment

Whilst on the subject of Melanie Phillips’ rather flagrant race-baiting, I made a claim that some might see as a little too polite. A reader sets me straight:

Oh, come on. She is a racist. If we had a writer, whose newspaper columns were almost entirely devoted to poorly argued rants about the danger posed by Jews, and who had published a book titled ‘Jew York’, and was describing politicians that he disapproved of secrect Jews, then we would call that writer a racist.

Such a writer would never be published in a national newspaper.

Of course, Melanie Phillips writes newspaper columns that are almost entirely devoted to poorly argued rants about the danger posed by Muslims, and who has written a book titled ‘Londonistan’, and has described politicians that she disapproves of as secrect Muslims.

But, she is published in a mainstream national paper, is invited onto Question Time and regularly appears on the Moral Maze. Therefore, it follows, that she cannot be racist.

In other news, Anton Vowl catches Mel making even crazier claims than usual.


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  1. We know about the “so called” threat of Islam melanie phillips, please u dont need to remind us these issues we are constantly bombarded with messages with islam dis islam dat…. let me tll you something straight dont use your zionist propaganda to accuse other religions. your not jewish, you init for the money. you a greddy old witch, who the hell are you to diss christianity and the churches of corrption. you want to stop immigration you forget the fact your an immigrant yourself. your a slpit headed dual personality transexual!

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