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June 17, 2008 at 9:35 am | Posted in Distractions, Misc. | 3 Comments

Since the Bleeding Heart Show prides itself on being eclectic, this information-overload will begin with song and take in such delights as France, Germany, the US and Africa. Yep, we’re like the Willy Fogg of hyperlinks:

  • Rejoice people! The 80s never died, it just emigrated to France for a special subsidy.
  • Meanwhile, the French wonder whether their country’s attitude to race relations is all it’s cracked up to be. Their new model for racial harmony? The (gasp!) United States of America. Now that’s change you can believe in.
  • In other Change! news, a doll-maker attempts to spread Hope! across Germany by creating an army of mini-Obamas, but ends up accidentally creating an army of mini-Bill Crosbys.
  • And on the subject of things just being a little too black, Jesse Taylor finds some white folks embarrassing themselves big-style. FAO all old people – you won’t find find your Typical Black Person in a Lil’ Wayne tune:

Given that we don’t elect The Official Black President until summer of 2010 (the election is actually scheduled for the same day as Election Day this year, but, you know, Colored People Time), I don’t think that Obama’s election will give the final nod for all of Black America to get our grown man on. Black monoliths do not run the entire black community, even if we all can recite one of several Chris Rock jokes at the drop of a kufi.

  • If reading really stupid things is your way of spending time, how about a gossip columnist on a planned trip to visit South Africa:

I was very excited to go – I was going to help open a school there – but I missed my flight by 10 minutes! I really wanted to see the turmoil and all the turmoil that’s happening over there; it’s so trendy in the news, but I was hoping to see it first hand.

  • Via “radical Feminazi website” Feministing, a serious contender for second crappest-looking website in the world (no match for this, of course) and a distinctly creepy cartoon:

  • Who the hell is Frank character? And why would he want to watch someone buying Tampax??
  • Wonkette on Al Gore’s endorsement of Barack Obama:

One thing is clear: You can take anybody and stick them in front of that Obama background and they will look 10 percent leaner, more youthful, and Hopier.

  • They’ve got a point:

So, tragically, some parents leave their tiniest members in their cars. And according to some research I did – this isn’t even against the law everywhere! It’s hard to tell how accurate their figures are, exactly. Especially as their print ads say that this happens once every ten days and their website claims it to happen ‘every day’. And there isn’t any way of telling the difference between those parents who actually FORGOT and those that just thought it might be fine to do that for an hour or two rather than hire a babysitter.

For reasons best described by the use of cartoons, that’ll be it for today. Come back tomorrow.



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  1. Neil,

    How come I’ve never been shown this site?



  2. Now Dom, remember the trouble you got in the last time you pretended to be the esteemed Johann Hari?!!

    At the beginning, I only showed it to people I thought might be interested and I actually thought I’d get bored and give up after a few months. So the people you really want to blame are the poor sods who’ve started reading the damned thing.

    You’re not the only one though – my parents only found out about it last week when they found me using the family computer to work myself into a furious lather over how much of a bastard Kelvin MacKenzie is.


  3. Furious lather is also to blame for the faux-Hari; I referred the reprobate here to try to explain the disturbing Davis-love born of visceral revulsion towards last week’s vote in the Commons.

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