With thanks to David Icke…

June 27, 2008 at 7:42 am | Posted in British Politics, Misc. | 3 Comments
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…because in a period of national gloom and grumpiness, we really need this kind of light entertainment.

For those who aren’t aware of our new civil liberties spokesperson – or those who just fancy a good laugh reacquainting themselves with The Truth about our lizard-human rulers – allow Jon Ronson to relate his rise to infamy:

Wogan. The blue comedian Jim Davidson was top of the bill that night (this was primetime BBC1, in the autumn of 1991), but most of the viewers had tuned in to see Terry Wogan’s first guest. There had been rumours in the tabloids all week that something unexpected had happened to David Icke, the popular BBC sports personality, once a professional football player, now the host of Grandstand and a household name. The tabloids said that David Icke had started wearing only turquoise, that he was predicting cataclysmic flooding and earthquakes – and that he was claiming to be the Son of God.

I had watched a videotape of this broadcast before leaving London for Vancouver. It was startling to see how David Icke looked, how haggard and exhausted and terribly nervous – so unlike the genial BBC soccer and snooker correspondent whom the British public had come to feel so comfortable with – and dressed from head to toe in a turquoise shellsuit (turquoise being a conduit of positive energy) as he stepped out on to the stage.

“Why you?” asked Wogan with an incredulity that reflected the mood of the land. “Why have you been chosen?”

“People would have said the same thing to Jesus,” David Icke replied. “Who the heck are you? You’re a carpenter’s son.”

“When might we expect tidal waves, eruptions and earthquakes?” asked Wogan.

“They will certainly happen this year,” said David.

This conversation took place amid howls of laughter from the studio audience.

“Why should we believe you?” said Wogan.

“I’m saying that these things are going to happen this year,” said David, “so we’ll see, won’t we?”

“And what will happen to you if they don’t happen?” asked Wogan.

“They will happen,” said David.

He said this with such ferocity, such conviction, that the audience stopped laughing for a moment. However wise and modern we are, this kind of thing can still shake us up. You could feel it sweep across the television studio, sweep across the land, a stirring of some primordial paranoia. Could David Icke actually be a soothsayer? At that moment, I think the nation looked to Terry Wogan for guidance. How would he respond? Which way would this go?

“The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous, Terry,” said David. “So I’m glad that there’s been so much laughter in the audience tonight.” There was a small silence.

“But they’re laughing at you,” said Wogan. “They’re not laughing with you.”

More here. His book on similar avante-garde philosophers crackpots is also worth a read.



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  1. I wonder how he’ll do.
    He certainly has a strong manifesto!

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