Brown the soap opera villain

July 10, 2008 at 9:50 am | Posted in British Politics | Leave a comment
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Gordon Brown finds an unexpected sympathiser… in Peter Hitchens:

Also, I dispute the assertion by Mr “Demetriou” that Mr Cameron is popular. I think he is still greatly mistrusted by many of his own natural supporters, and not much loved by the middle ground. His only asset is Gordon Brown’s descent (much aided by the BBC)  into unreasoning anti-popularity. This isn’t even properly-earned unpopularity, from which there might be some chance of escape (Some of you will remember how Princess Anne was transformed from despised royal grump into stalwart, serious worker for charity).

It is a sort of negative craze, in which people blame Mr Brown if their train is late, or they drop their coffee on the floor, or their shoelaces snap while they are tying them, or it rains. This isn’t politics. It’s too fickle and shallow and actually has no direct connection with facts or logic.

It’s much more like a soap opera in which a character, previously scripted as reasonably likeable and popular, is suddenly re-written as hateful, scheming and cowardly.  Just look at the cartoons in the conservative unpopular newspapers. Every single day Mr Brown is the villain of some contrived visual pun. He has no more control over his fate than a soap actor has, who is being prepared for the day when he will be written out of the series.

Very true, though comparing yourself to Heathcliffe isn’t really going to help matters.


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