Cutting Obama’s nuts off

July 10, 2008 at 8:08 am | Posted in Barack Obama, U.S. Politics | Leave a comment
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So Obama ‘talks down to black people’ so much that Jesse Jackson wants to ‘cut his nuts off‘. Yes, MLK is dead all right. It also puts the secret service in a bit of a predicament – should they object if Obama finds himself seated next to Jackson at a fundraising dinner where there’d be a range of cutlery with which to carry out his threat? Should they intervene if Jackson reaches for a butter knife?

It’s a sad, odd little comment and because Fox is (perhaps wisely) holding back the rest of the tape, it’s difficult to know the exact context behind what was said. What we do know is that Jackson made the comment after a segment that touched upon Obama’s Fathers Day speech, wherein he implored black fathers to stop abandoning their kids and start taking responsibility for their own lives. The Guardian suggests that Jackson believed “Obama should have assigned blame to government and public policy for the breakdown of some black families”, which is perfectly understandable except for the fact that blame is almost always backwards-looking and governments don’t have the ability to keep families together.

His outburst is also a bit weird because the content of Obama’s Fathers Day speech wasn’t much different from speeches made by the like of Al Sharpton, Jackson himself, and countless other leaders in black communities. How come they can condemn family breakdown and urge people to act more responsibly but Obama can’t? Like I said, a sad and divisive outburst and as good a sign as any that Civil Rights-era figures like Jackson have had their day.

Update: I forgot to mention that this isn’t the first time Jesse Jackson’s questioned Obama’s authenticity on matters of race. He seems to carry an arrogance that says if you don’t agree with him on such things, then you’re either inauthentic or a traitor to the cause. Which, in stark contrast to the Senator, is an attitude that alienates far more people than it inspires.


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