David Icke & the mourning after

July 11, 2008 at 1:28 pm | Posted in British Politics | 5 Comments
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In the aftermath of the Haltemprice & Howden by-election, David Icke‘s supporters are feeling pretty depressed by his loss:

only 110 votes?

Maybe they used Bush’s Magic Florida vote counting machine

Just shows how feckin’ stupid most people are…

Miss Great Britain got more votes for fucks sake,

Miss Great fucking Britain

Depressing, fucking depressing, but what can you expect in this miserable world

I hope there’s a moderator on this message board doing a suicide watch or something. Now, I don’t think Icke helped his case during the election. Instead of putting ‘no label’ on the ballot paper, why didn’t he go for something catchy like ‘Britons Against Reptillian Humanoids‘? Tolerant as we are, I reckon there’d be thousands of people in Hull who don’t fancy the idea of being enslaved by shape-shifting lizards.

But in the midst of this despair, there’s always an optimist or two, including this forum member who thinks Icke’s defeat should be the first small step to building a political movement:

Like it or loath it, we now have to find a way to beat the system, if we choose to play in it at all.

David Icke should be a catalyst, but we all have to be far more canny in how we now engage with the political process from this point, if at all.

Me? I’ve said it in other threads, to be met with consequent jibber-jabber that distracted from anyone looking at what I’d said.

So, I’ll say it again here, and hope things go better this time. We need a political movement inspired by America’s RON PAUL. That’s the guy for liberty, small government, essentially anti-Big Brother.

We have a possible answer. We can get in on the bottom rung because they only formed a few months ago (January, I think).

They are the UK Libertarian Party. Website at:


The UK Libertarian Party – the last line of defence against the lizards who enslave humanity. If these are the kind of people LPUK are going to attract as members in the coming years, we’re in for an entertaining time…


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  1. The problem, I feel, is that the average voter doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand Icke’s revelations.

    It’s a conspiracy on the part of the government,
    deliberately dumbing down society so that whistleblowers like David get ignored.

    It’s just too much of a headphuck for the average voter to realise the truth.

  2. Absolutely; my theory is that the Illuminati puts something in our drinking water which makes us all dumb. To counter this, I intend to drink nothing but Relentless. Hell, it works for the kids in Manor Park..

    That said, I don’t think you should be making excuses or him. As brilliant a political thinker and truth-seeker as David Icke is, he’s clearly a very poor politician, and if we’re ever going to take our movement to the next level and overthrow the reptile scum, we’re going to need someone with great charisma and communication skills. Our own Obama, if you like. Just, y’know… white.

  3. hah! That should be hilarious…. the conspiracy loons trying to take over the the libertarians!

  4. Oh happy happy year! first we witness the long-overdue death of the Socialist Workers Party after their ruinous ‘Respect / Left List’ joke Mayoral Campaign in London (garnering a fabulous 1% and the defection of their remaining councillors to Labour and the Tories!) … and now oh joy of joys, that phoney ex-Hereford United Goalkeeper David Icke has finally destroyed the overlong-running joke of Ickism all by himself with his 110 pathetic votes, bye bye to them both – Victory to Anti-Trotskyite Lizards everywhere!

  5. Mr Barbaric, you might not have noticed, but this post is strictly for non-lizards. Please take your shapeshifting shit to another blog ;-)

    Also, I dispute your claim that Mr Icke was a ‘phoney ex-Hereford United goalkeeper’. Just because he wasn’t any good doesn’t mean he was a phoney!

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