Race wars, trojan horses and an ant-American

July 29, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in U.S. Politics | 1 Comment
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It’s been a while since we checked-in with our hyper-literate friends at Clinton Supporters For John McCain, and my how they’ve grown. Sure, the website still has the headache-inducing design of someone who dropped-out of a web development course in the late ’90s and now spends his spare time producing Metallica appreciation pages, but look beneath the clunky exterior and you’ll find hard-hitting Youtube videos, biting satire and even their own internet radio station, streaming Barack-baiting commentary 24 hours a day.

Sadly lacking from the old site was a forum for fans to come together, share their anger at Hillary’s defeat and remind anyone who didn’t already know that Barry has the middle name of a terrorist. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered and the great unwashed now have the opportunity to spread the word. First, a shocking new revelation that could capsize his campaign:

huessin obama makes me sick!! He is a liar and his wife is a compltete racist! Hillary deserves the nomination, I can’t beleive that the dnc got away with this!! She was winning all the states in the final weeks and all of the sudden this disgusting ant-american wins the nomination? What a joke! (emphasis mine)

An ant-american? Why isn’t this news all over the internets? Say ‘NO!’ to six-legged insects in 08!!

Elsewhere, we hit-upon the disastrous catch-22 of Obama winning the nomination. First, the fact he’ll turn the White House into a mosque if he wins:

One you’re a muslim you’re always a muslim. Hussein Obama is a muslim and our country is in serious danger. I am sure all muslims in the world are laughing at us and sending money to hussein obama to be elected president. What’s wrong with those voters who are voting for him? Are they Americans? Do they love their country? Are they blind? We need to save our country. This could be the end of the USA. Barak Hussein Obama is a trojan horse.

The problem is ; not many people think he is a Muslim. They look at you like you are nuts for even suggesting that. I think he is a Muslim, in fact, I am sure of it. He always defends the Muslims. How can we talk about this very important issue without looking like we are crazy?

Well, ideally you need to get on the payroll of the Spectator. So we’ve already established that a victory for this ‘trojan horse’ will turn America over to Islamic fanaticism, but there’s an equally terrifying prospect if he loses – the blacks will go bonkers:

CBS reported that blacks will riot if Obama is not the next president. Now we have to do what blacks say or they will riot if it doesn’t get their way. I am not racist but I think we are pampering blacks too much. Everyone is afraid to say something about blacks because they willplay the race cards as OBama does. We’re all Americans and we should vote according to who is best qualified and not just because of the same race. Blacks are the racist now.

Which is all the provocation some people for their own Civil War reenactment.

Just let them come to my door or my town, I might go down fighting but at least I will know what I am protecting. My freedom. My 2 brothers already died in WW2 fighting for us and I will do the same .

I say let them riot the whites just need to buy more bullets… who do they think they are anyway… so should the whites riot if mccain don’t get in !!!!

After this election is over and this site loses all its relevance, there’ll be a lot of people on this forum with nowhere to go. I wonder if they’ve heard of Stormfront

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