Coming clean on coal

August 8, 2008 at 8:53 pm | Posted in British Politics | 1 Comment
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Arthur Scargill wants to stick George Monbiot in a room full of radiation, which I suppose is one of the more inventive attacks our Great Green Evangelist has encountered on his travels. Unsurprisingly for a man who once led the NUM, Scargill’s gushing with praise for ‘clean coal’ technology, which I’d always dismissed as a risky & expensive boondoggle that requires massive energy expenditure to set up and wouldn’t work as a long-term solution to our energy needs. But since nobody comes here for forensic analysis on energy issues (or any issues, for that matter), here’s a really good critique of the technology which explains the risks and interrogates the supposed advantages. Scargill doesn’t address any of the key criticisms, of course, nor does he explain his way out of the problem that on many of the old sites where colliery infrastructure once stood there are now call centres, warehouses, Matalans and Morrissons. I’m not sure it’s even physically possible to return mining to its pre-80’s pomp.


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  1. I would support anything that moves towards the UK becoming more self-sufficient in terms of energy supplies. If we fail to look at all the alternatives, not matter where the suggestions come from, then we will be leaving ourselves and our children at the mercy of the countries with all of the reserves. Not a very comforting scenario.

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