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August 28, 2008 at 11:03 am | Posted in British Politics, Prison Reform | 2 Comments

Titan prisons are still a really bad idea…

Prison and probation officers are the latest to join a protest against plans to build three “Titan” prisons holding 2,500 inmates each.

Their unions are among 34 criminal justice organisations – also including Nacro, the crime reduction charity, Rainer Crime Concern, Inquest, Justice, Liberty and Women in Prison – to sign an open letter to the justice secretary, Jack Straw, published today in the Guardian.

It says the Titan plan would cement the position of England and Wales as the prison capital of western Europe. “Instead of rushing headlong into an expensive prison building programme, the government must … focus on addressing the causes of the growing prison population.”

…and the government remains dangerously pig-headed

As the government’s consultation on Titan jails closes this week, the only voice of support seems to come from Lord Carter, whose review is responsible for them.

Much as I’d look forward to hearing from Jack Straw explain how Lord Carter knows better than 34 different criminal justice organisations, I suspect I wouldn’t be able to understand his answer.

Update: Since I seem to be suffering from outrage fatigue today, you’ll find more posts on prison reform here.



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