The death of integrity

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Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen – who was about as pro-McCain as press corps could get – unloads on his former crush for abandoning every last shred of integrity with his campaign’s incessant lies:

What impressed me most about McCain was the effect he had on his audiences, particularly young people. When he talked about service to a cause greater than oneself, he struck a chord. He expressed his message in words, but he packaged it in the McCain story — that man, beaten to a pulp, who chose honor over freedom. This had nothing to do with access. It had to do with integrity.

McCain has soiled all that. His opportunistic and irresponsible choice of Sarah Palin as his political heir — the person in whose hands he would leave the country — is a form of personal treason, a betrayal of all he once stood for. Palin, no matter what her other attributes, is shockingly unprepared to become president. McCain knows that. He means to win, which is all right; he means to win at all costs, which is not.

This is becoming a general trend, though it’s still uncertain whether the criticism he’s been receiving in the mainstream media will filter down to the American people & knock a few percentage points off his approval ratings. What is true, however, is that it was incredibly early in the campaign for McCain to go negative, and there’s only so long you can keep it up before it becomes a drag on your reputation.


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