Things they don’t tell you at Tourist Information

September 18, 2008 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Distractions, Misc. | 3 Comments

Sheffield is apparently home to one of the most vibrant swingers scenes in the country:

It’s Friday night in Sheffield and, at the old Robin Hood pub, the conversation is growing lively. “It would be a fantastic experience to see you strip off and see you two play with each other. Then I would join and play with my wife if she lets me,” says Simon, a chubby, middle-aged Yorkshireman with a cheeky grin. His wife Toni, who is slim and curly-haired and looks a decade younger than him, gives me a reassuring smile as I nearly drop my notepad on the floor.

“Don’t worry love, he’s only joking,” she says with a laugh as I try to focus on the blank page instead of the various semi-naked people who are casually walking around nearby.

The Robin Hood is no ordinary pub. Once a watering hole for local steelworkers, it went through a radical makeover nearly a decade ago. The dartboards were replaced with large TVs showing hardcore porn, the pool table made way for pole dancing poles, an S&M dungeon was added, and the Robin Hood acquired an alternative identity as “La Chambre”, one of Britain’s most successful swingers’ club.

Well, it’s nice to see we’re finding innovative solutions to our industrial decline…


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  1. Neil, I don’t recall being taken to this delicious-sounding den of iniquity on my last sojourn in Sheffield…please rectify for next time ;-)

  2. Well, okay, but we’d get some pretty funny looks turning up as a couple… ;)

  3. […] also like to point out that the beer is cheaper. Oh, and the region’s full of swingers, if that’s your cup of […]

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