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September 22, 2008 at 11:13 pm | Posted in Misc. | 1 Comment

Because I’ve not had an awful lot of writing/thinking time today, you’re probably best served by a list of links:

  • David Clark is struck with the rather inexplicable idea that David Miliband could be Labour’s Obama. No, I don’t think he’s joking.
  • I haven’t seen Miliband’s speech yet – he’s apparently a substantially better speaker than a year ago – but of one thing I’m fairly certain: no politician should ever, ever be allowed to use the word ‘dissing’
  • And whilst we’re making lists of words that need forever banishing from the political dictionary, here’s another one: ‘spivs’
  • Liberal Conspiracy is currently packed with analysis about the Labour conference, all tied into a broader debate about The Direction Of The Left.
  • Why haven’t I really written anything about about the Credit Apocalypse Crunch? Mostly because I’m still learning about it, and there’s enough dilettantes in the blogosphere without me piling on. I can promise this, however: the next time the world’s plunged into a financial crisis of historic proportions, I’ll be really well prepared to blog about it….
  • …until that day comes, this post on how we got into the current mess is some first-rate citizen journalism.
  • There’s a handy guide here on how to spot a fake £1 coin. For anyone working in retail, these things are a menace, firstly because your staff isn’t as well-informed on how to spot them as they are fake notes, but also because when you’re working on a busy till you simply don’t have the time to check whether each coin you’re handed is genuine or not. In the newsagents I used to work in, we’d probably take about £10 of fakes during an 8 hour shift, and unless the Royal Mint decides to revert back to using notes, I’m afraid it’s just a price of doing business.
  • This, on the ‘purity movement’ in the United States, is one of the creepiest things I’ve read in a long, long time:

Taking a leading role was Randy Wilson, the father of Lauren and Khrystian, who believes that the key to a girl’s purity – and future happiness – lies in the quality of her relationship with her dad. As a father of five girls ranging from five to 22, he reckons he knows a thing or two about raising women

    “There is a core question that women have in their being, and that is: ‘Am I beautiful? Am I worthy of being pursued?’ ” he explained. “It must be enforced by the father, the man in their life. If they do not get that reinforced by the father, they will go outside the home to get the answer to that question.”

    • The Aaron Sorkin/Bartlet & Obama thing has sent bloggers on left & right into a wistful longing for the days when political debate was sharp, snappy and full of earnest, attractive people striding down corridors motivated solely by a mission to do good. In other words, things you’ll only find in a work of fiction. Is Bartlett’s ‘advice’ that Obama should get angry worth following? Only if the Illinois Senator was a fictional character in an Aaron Sorkin series. If Obama doesn’t want his chances of winning the Presidency to recede into the world of make-believe, he’d be better off just sticking to the gameplan.
    • And finally, on the matter of fiction, a spokesman for John McCain criticises the press for accusing them of telling lies and in the process… tells a whole heap of lies. Gotta give ’em marks for consistency, I guess.

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    1. Aaron Sorkin just made my day

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