Palin scares Puffy

October 6, 2008 at 9:54 am | Posted in U.S. Politics | Leave a comment

I’m sure my readers are all savvy enough to know that rapper/actor/entrepreneur/wannabe Alan Sugar Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs ain’t scared of shit. A veteran of the mid-nineties Rap Wars, the onetime Puff Daddy made millions from reminding us that he’s a Bad Boy For Life, and with his reputation for unintentionally hilarious bust-ups in nightclubs, you get the feeling the dude could walk into a Mexican standoff armed only with a cucumber and still come out unscathed.

So when Diddy tells you he’s scared of someone or something, you know the dude ain’t playin’:

Yep, this most gangsta of men is sent diving under his duvet by the sight of Sarah Palin, the Tina Fey lookalike who keeps forgetting her lines, but is still able to wink her way into the hearts of hard right hacks who insist she’s transmitting ‘little starbursts‘.

So how do we know that someone who appears so delightfully ‘folksy’ is potentially a diabolical despot? Well, for starters, she has this habit of smilingly reminding the women of America that if they don’t vote for her, they’re going to burn in hell:

Update: Come to think of it, the most disturbing thing in this clip is her admission that she drinks Starbucks coffee. Isn’t that the sole preserve of effete East Coast elites and their terrorist chums? I mean, it’s hardly the drink of choice for a moose-hunting megamom from Main Street who’s so hard that she enjoys having helicopters to fly across Alaska, killing wolves and Russians.


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