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In the race to succeed George Bush as the next American President, there’s just one matter on which Melanie Phillips and I agree: if the American public had been aware of and believed every allegation she’s made about the character, judgement and background of Barack Hussein Obama, his campaign would be sunk. Indeed, if each citizen had believed that his ties to William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko, his ‘Muslim heritage’ and ‘radical’ community organising past render him unfit for office, McCain would’ve been losing this election to Hillary Clinton, rather than Obama.

There are two broad theories for why this hasn’t happened. The first is that Americans are generally aware of the myriad scandals the Republicans have manufactured but either distrust their veracity or don’t believe they’re an accurate reflection of the candidate in front of them. This is a change election, and whilst there’ll be some parts of Obama’s past and present that ordinary Americans can’t relate to, things are so bad that they’re willing to take a chance on the skinny guy with the funny name, because surely he can’t screw the country any more than the Republicans have. We’ll call this the ‘Trust The Public Theory’ and it’s one I generally endorse.

The other theory requires several leaps in logic and the omission of a few key facts, but it basically runs like this: Americans have been kept in the dark about Obama’s scandalous past by a ‘Big Media’ so in thrall to his  cult of personality that they censor negative press and ceaselessly smear all those who pose uncomfortable truths. For want of a better description, we’ll call this the ‘Conspiracy Theory’, and – surprise surprise – it’s a theory Mel espouses in her latest post.

Whichever way this American election ends, it will surely be remembered as the one in which big media threw aside all pretence of objectivity and flung itself into the campaign as committed partisans for Obama. I have been documenting on this blog some of its more egregious acts of commission and omission – the double standards in the treatment of the two opposing sides, and above all the almost total silence over, or even endorsement of, aspects of Obama’s background, attitudes and associations, the exposure of any one of which would have surely sunk a white Republican candidacy in five seconds flat.

Yup, Obama’s gotta be thanking his lucky stars that he’s black! Now, I don’t really mind that she’s peddling a conspiracy theory masquerading as journalism, but before you begin some outraged rant about how the media has ignored all the ‘tough questions’ about characters like Bill Ayers, it really would be useful to visit Youtube just to check whether it’s true:

The footage above is of the debate between Obama and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday 16th April. It was hosted by ABC (better known to Mel as ‘Big Media’) and beamed live into the homes of millions of Americans. The following day, national newspapers (more ‘Big Media’) reported on the exchanges in exhaustive detail. So unless the viewing figures were all faked and the entire nation went to bed early and forgot to buy a paper the next day, the question of Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers was given as prominent an airing as one could imagine.

I suspect Phillips knows all this, but she’s devoted so much time to reheating other people’s allegations and expended to much energy hyping them up as unbelievably shocking that she’s having difficulty explaining why the actual voters in the country she’s commenting on seem so stubbornly unmoved. I’m sure another excuse explanation will be along in a day or two, but she does need to be careful; if she carries too far down this road, she’ll come close to claiming the voters are exhibiting a ‘false consciousness’. And as she frequently delights in reminding her readers, that way madness lies…


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