“When you’re bad you will feel sad”

October 6, 2008 at 10:56 am | Posted in Misc. | 3 Comments

The news Streets album contains some hilariously awful lyrics:

Without any kind of turmoil to deconstruct, friction to rub up against, or confusion to keep him humble, Skinner– a gifted storyteller, when he has a story to tell– reverts to a series of metaphysical parables, all of which are delivered with a from-the-mountaintop richness that belies the paper-thin insights on offer. Take, for example, his deconstruction of sin in “Heaven for the Weather”: “What is this ‘evil’, and who decides this?/ When left to devices, some humans try shit/ This is the reason we should all be tied up?/ We’re just normal people exploring our minds.” The aforementioned “Way of the Dodo”, meanwhile, manages to dramatically lower the bar for environmental calls-to-arms by solemnly informing us– eight times– that “it’s not earth that’s in trouble” but rather “the people that live on it.” Worse still is “Alleged Legends”, a sophomoric takedown of Western religion that’s unintentionally hilariously soundtracked by, er, a sitar. “Some people lead their lives by a little red book,” Skinner raps. “The thinking people are thinking that without this book, without these verses, we’d pillage and murder/ But following this red book word for word could lead you to actually pillage and murder/ Could it be so what we think to be right is simply the opinion that survived?” If you think that’s bad, wait for the chorus: “Do what you think’s right and you will feel alright/ Cause when you’re bad you will feel sad.”

I won’t remind you how many people proclaimed this guy a poet just six years ago.



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  1. I didn’t; I always thought he was a talentless twat.

  2. I still think his first two albums are great, but he’s now pretty much run out of things to say. And it’s true that some of the lyrics on the new album are incredibly trite.

  3. I’ll confess to buying the first one on the strength of the glowing reviews, but there was always this ‘nails down a blackboard’ quality to him that stopped me from enjoying it. By the time that “It Was Supposed To Be So Easy” tune came out, that was me done. I’m just a fickle sod, basically.

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