A séance with Richard Nixon

October 11, 2008 at 3:22 pm | Posted in U.S. Politics | Leave a comment

Nixon might be dead, but politics is a magnet for people who possess the same corruptible mindset. In a ruling that will surprise nobody, a committee of 4 Democrats and 8 Republicans found Sarah Palin guilty of abusing her position as Governor of Alaska in a bid to get her brother-in-law sacked.

The phrase ‘a heartbeat away’ has become so over-used that it now sounds like a shrill chiché, but in this case it’s useful to remember when considering the enormity of this ruling. What these events tell us is that John McCain believes Sarah Palin, who, like Nixon, has used the power of her office to persue petty personal grievances, possesses the competence and character to assume the Presidency. If I was an American, I’d be deeply insulted.

This report from Noam Schreiber is full of unsettling similarities between Palin and the author of Watergate: the inferiority complex, the class resentment, the deceit, treachery and vindictiveness. I don’t really agree with all the hyperventillating about this being the ‘most important election ever’, but I do know that the times are far too serious for a pernicious, superficial little hack who mutters malaprops and mangled talking points and can’t even manage the bare minimum commitment to ethics & integrity. America deserves better.


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