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There’s nothing much happening today (well, in this blog at least. I suspect there’ll still be ‘stuff’ going on in the world) so here’s about a dozen hyperlinks for your perusal:

  • Caspar Walsh tells the story how he changed from being a troubled young man, thanks to discovering writing as a way of expressing himself. For 20 years he’s been a writer-in-residence in British prisons, and he’s used this experience to create a mentoring programme for newly-released prisoners to provide the kind of support and advice that’s sorely lacking in the system.
  • Dissent at The Spectator! I can’t remember the last time someone disagreed with Anne Coulter Melanie Phillips and managed to escape without being branded a Stalinist, but her colleague Clive Davis has been brave enough to raise an eyebrow over her Obama fetish. Yesterday, Phillips once again borrowed someone else’s ‘evidence’ to ‘prove’ that Obama is some rabid ‘black power’ radical, a falsehood that Davis not-too-subtly mocks in this post. As for that ‘evidence‘ Phillips borrowed? Well, Davis approvingly links to this dismissive evaluation:

Kurtz ends the article by pleading with McCain to use this as a reason to bring up Wright and, frankly, I kind of hope McCain does–if only because we haven’t had enough lunacy in our presidential campaigns since Ross Perot (along with his accusation that George HW Bush threatened to sabotage his daughter’s wedding) left the stage. Although I do concede that when it comes to crackpot anti-Obama theories, I find the Bill Ayers Really Wrote Obama’s Book one much more elegant.

  • This Church of England evangelical gives voice to something I’ve wondered for a while; if these conservative priests and their congregations hate women and gays so much, why don’t they just fuck off and start their own obscure cult?
  • A 68-year-old grandmother chased a thief who’d stolen her handbag… and kicks ass.
  • Ace! England! Footballer! (and Supersleuth!) Rio Ferdinand has finally concluded his lengthy investigation into why the national football team is a sluggish, stuttering embarrassment. His findings: it’s all The Womens’ fault!
  • If you haven’t read it yet, this Salon report into Sarah Palin’s far-right friends is very illuminating, and far more troubling than anything to do with Obama & Bill Ayers.
  • Things Can Only Get Better Watch: The cost of living has apparently peaked. All down hill from here, fingers crossed.
  • If you live in Mississippi, your esteemed Republican Senator approves off this message: “My opponent is soft on butt-fucking, and if you vote for him, then SO ARE YOU!”. Classy fellas around those parts..
  • I don’t normally have much sympathy for celebrities; if you decide to work in the entertainment industry, you’re going to get your picture taken wherever you go. That said, Cambridge is a really small city, particularly if you study at Kings, and after a couple of weeks it feels claustrophobic even for those of us who weren’t being chased by people wielding cameras. So if it was up to me, I’d leave Lily Cole alone, at least until she gets used to the place. Which, I suppose, shows why I’ll never have a career with a right-wing tabloid.

And finally…

Update: Fixed the last link.

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