Hyperlink Clearinghouse: Flu blogging edition

October 16, 2008 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

It appears I’ve been invaded by an influenza virus that’s left me skulking around the house and acting like no amount of economic upheaval could possibly compare to my own temporary suffering. So instead of dispensing my usual Deeply Profound Wisdom©, I’ll link to some stuff that I might have commented on if I wasnt such a miserable, sniffly mess:

  • Sean Jacobs reports on the political upheavals in South Africa and speculates about whether the ANC could ever face the kind of credible opposition that country’s democracy badly needs.
  • Want to enjoy a more prosperous retirement? Then you’re better off working in the public sector. That this is true should be a real embarrassment to business, but I suspect it won’t be.
  • My friend Tom once knocked his pint over at a gig in Cambridge. Since it was only a tiny affair, practically everyone in the room noticed, including the American musician we were watching. As he saw the overpriced beer sprawl out onto the floor, he drawled out in a thick southern accent, “hey there, that’s alcohol abuse!” It was, but this incident from the 19th century was even worse.
  • A prediction: in 10 years from now, the power of internet vetting will have rendered this kind of made-for-TV stunt as completely useless.
  • Henrik Hertzberg takes down the ACORN/’election theft’ myth with devastating precision.
  • Hypocritic Oaths: “The source of most hypocrisy in American politics is a moral certitude that is so unyielding, it’s almost bound to trip up the person espousing it.” Yes, they mention John Edwards.
  • Why do we need stockbrokers? Since they’ve displayed, erratic, irrational and largely gutless reactions to the banking crisis, this seems a pretty fair question.
  • Lastly, she doesn’t know it yet, but me & Basia Bulat are going to get married someday – though that might just be the Lemsip talking:

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