Madelyn Dunham

November 3, 2008 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Barack Obama | Leave a comment

Courtesy of those pro-Hillary, anti-Obama, pro-McCain refuseniks at No Quarter, this is perhaps the most disgusting lie of the season:

Talk about bamboozling the public, the Obama campaign has trotted out the ultimate PR propaganda designed to persuade America that Barack Obama is a regular guy who cares about his grandmother. Oh, did I mention she is white and from Kansas? I mean, who doesn’t love their granny? Dorthy and Toto were from Kansas. You just don’t get more American than that. Let’s just remind everyone that Barack is a man grieving for his mama grandma.


This trip is part of a scripted campaign event. It is a sign that the Obama team are so confident their boy has the election in the bag, that they are stepping up efforts to solidify Barack’s image as a regular, mainstream Joe. Hence the visit to Granny in a time of need. Now Grandma Dunham is an elderly woman and is coming off of a broken hip. From the sound of it she is a feisty old gal and no more in peril of keeling over than any other 86 year old woman.

The truth:

Madelyn Dunham, the grandmother who was the anchor in the life of the child that was Barack Obama, died today just hours before polling stations opened in America’s historic election.

After election day, some people will need to examine their consciences


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