It’s probably the scenery

November 11, 2008 at 2:07 pm | Posted in International | Leave a comment

Rachel Morris writes fondly about the dreary but effective approach New Zealanders have to politics:

In fact, many of the government’s policies have proved so effective that although John Key, an affable ex-banker, manfully strove to invoke Barack Obama by calling for “change,” he offered only modest deviations from his opponents’ agenda. He promised more money for infrastructure, a crackdown on gangs, clearer education standards, a less ambitious carbon emissions policy, modest tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and – most strikingly for a conservative politician – to “support those who cannot support themselves”. Even for a die-hard Labour supporter, it was hard to get overly agitated. On Saturday, Key’s party won enough votes to lead New Zealand’s first centre-right government in nine years – which sounds like a big deal, but the papers the next morning were circumspect. “[N]ot so much a sleepwalk to victory as a tiptoe,” pronounced one columnist. “A victim of her own competence?” blared the headline on a story about the vanquished Clark. The new regime is expected to move slowly, attempt no radical reforms and concentrate on prudently steering New Zealand through the global financial crisis.

I take her point about the benefits of calmness, co-operation & prudence in governing a country, but come on, if you live in a place like this…

…I think you can afford to take life a little easier.

Image by Flickr user random elf (Creative Commons)


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