A little list (with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

November 19, 2008 at 8:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list
Of society offenders who might well be underground,
And who never would be missed–who never would be missed!

As it happens, I don’t have the list, and since I suspect I’d find people on there who I’m on first name terms with, I’ve no particular wish to read it – the whole thing would just be awkward. With regard to how the list is used, I don’t think it’s consistent for the left to rail against the “Joe McCarthy with a mace” malice of Redwatch and then support inflicting the same fear on BNP members, and it doesn’t surprise me that most of the blogosphere has taken that same principled stance. There’s simply no excuse for printing the names of children.

As for the politics of it, the fact this list was leaked on the same day as a report on the BNP’s plans to seize control of the Police strikes me as a little more than coincidental, and one of the less unpleasant consequences of the leak is that those plans – and many like it – will now be thrown into disarray.

Beyond that, I think the list should probably serve to banish forever the caricature of the BNP member as a skinhead with a rottweiler, a British bulldog tatoo and ‘H A T E’ emblazoned on his knuckes. This Times report paints a much more diverse collection of oddballs:

Many members have a fascination with mystical ideas of England, giving their own homes or email addresses names associated with paganism, Viking and Saxon history. One couple call their farmhouse New Dawn. Another member gives himself the email name “Iceni”.

There are 16 serving and more than 50 former soldiers, along with a score of ex-police officers and a sizeable crop of driving instructors. The list also includes civil servants and estate agents. One is a witch. Another is a vicar.

There is a lecturer in human rights and data protection and a “lapsed Mensa member”.

The BNP’s purported database includes personal notes on members who have skills which might prove useful. “Public speaker … HGV licence … musician” are recorded. Language skills are outlined.

A ‘lapsed Mensa member?’ What, did he give up his IQ when he joined the BNP? And who ever heard of a far-right witch?

Well, apart from Simone Clarke, obviously.


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  1. Estate agents seem to be going out of business daily in the UK. It’s a really touch industry but with some hard work many of us will pull through it.

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