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November 21, 2008 at 11:11 am | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment
  • Thanks to being immortalised in art, most of you know the story of Joseph Merrick. But much less well-known is the story of Saartjie Baartman, a South African woman whose physical deformities led to her being spirited away to Britain & France and exploited as a circus freak. This wonderful post tells her tragic story, and reports on the good which is now being done in her name.
  • Today in ‘Corporations Aren’t Always Evil’: Thumbs up to Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, whose donations are helping cure the world of the quite nasty-sounding filarial worms, which infects 120 million people worldwide, but may be eradicated by 2020.
  • The Obama/Democratic Congress’ green agenda seems to be shaping up quite promisingly. The new economic stimulus package should include considerable investment in ‘green infrastructure’, such as mass transit projects and upgrading electricity transmission networks. More of this, please.
  • Question of the day: Whatever happened to Anne Coulter?
  • John Rentoul tries to explain the ideological link between the Green Party & the BNP
  • The Ting Tings are rather baffled by their success. Well, that makes three of us.
  • To celebrate the 40th aniversary of The Beatles’ White Album, PopMatters gives it an exhaustive, track-by-track retrospective.

And finally…

  • In perhaps the most important netnews of the year, those generous Monty Python gents have started putting their videos on YouTube, putting an end to all those rubbish quality (and slightly illegal) TV rips. To mark the occasion, here’s a sketch which is quite close to my heart.

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