Shorter Al-Qaida: “Now we know how John McCain felt”

November 26, 2008 at 10:39 pm | Posted in Idiot Hall of Fame | 2 Comments

Following this little belch of bigotry and the condemnations which followed, Al-Qaida supporters respond by… attacking pro-Obama bias in the media:

Global reactions to Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s controversial condemnation of U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama as a “House Slave” (or, alternatively, “House Negro”) have begun to pour in — including via the top jihad web forums used by Al-Qaida to disseminate its propaganda. Though hardcore Al-Qaida supporters have predictably dismissed any criticism of Dr. al-Zawahiri and are fiercely backing his choice of words, there is a rather ironic (if not entirely unfamiliar) twist to this issue. After observing international press reporting on the incident, these same supporters are now bitterly attacking the media for its “unfair” pro-Obama bias and for deliberately “confusing” the meaning of al-Zawahiri’s message.

Yeah, that line of attack didn’t work too well for John McCain either.

Memo to terrorists: Don’t ever mock the Obamessiah. You have no idea of the kind of adulation you’re up against…



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  1. You have no idea of the kind of adulation you’re up against…

    Damn straight.

  2. And that adulation is a good thing lol? Republicans have the flag thing and the god thing, now we lefties have the Obama thing? Bugger that.

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